Welcome to my website 😀

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Marie Louise and I am a Peugeot 203c from 1959 and I am with my current owner since June 2017.

I was named after the widow of (most likely) the first owner of the car. Luckily the “Certificate D’Immatriculation” from 1967 which mentioned her name and other pieces of documentation stayed with the car, which was imported to the Netherlands in 1981.

And that makes you wonder …. how did other people get their Peugeot 203?

So the purpose of this website is to create a library of these stories from all around the world. A site where owners can share information about their 203 like a special piece of history, technical information or adventures made.

Except for your country, the type of 203 and build year (and at least one photo), the amount of information you share is totally up to you. Nothing is mandatory, but the more information the better off course for people visiting

So please reach out via the entry form on the website

The website was created by my owner: Entry#00001, who is off course also using this website for sharing useful information and some personal blogs about repairs, upgrades and adventures.

The website also has an Instagram account:


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