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Between 1948 and 1960 a total of 685,628 Peugeot 203’s were produced. And that makes you wonder ….

How many of them are still out there and in what driving condition, what is their history and how did it get into the current owner’s possession?

The purpose of this website is to create a library of Peugeot 203’s to collect these stories from all around the world. A site where owners can share information about their 203 as well as a piece of history or any other technical information.

Except for your country, the type of 203 and build year (and at least one photo), the amount of information you share is totally up to you. Nothing is mandatory, but the more information the better (like specific details, a nice story, a restoration or a special history).

So please reach out via the entry form on the website

The website was created by the owner of Entry#00001, a beautiful 203 berline from 1959, which he calls Marie Louise. Check the entry for the historical reason for this name and see how your entry could look like when provided with as many as details as possible.

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