Patrick – Germany

I found my 203 partly dismantled in a barn in northern Germany, where it had spent more than 25 years. I kept its Patina and the two-tone color scheme. I swapped the engine for the more powerful 403 engine, the rest of the technical bits was checked and overhauled or replaced.

This type of Peugeot was not sold in Germany back in its days, so it’s quite rare over here. People often ask what make it is, or think it’s a Morris or Jaguar or something from the former USSR….

My 203 was original registered in Perpignan/France in 1956. It came to Germany somewhere in the 1980ies and ended up by a nice guy and collector in northern Germany, who rode it for a while and stored it in barn for an even longer while….

Original it was blue, when it became this cream/chestnut two tone colour scheme I don’t know.

Date of first registration:1956
Imported: 1980’ies
Owner since:Unknown

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