Eric – France

I’m the owner of this 203 since 2009. I used it 2 or 3 years before starting to restore it. First the chassis, then electricity and bodywork. During last lockdown, I finish the interior, but still have minor fixes to do before the technical check and be able to be back on the road.

I’ve just finished the car a few weeks ago and I just start to travel white her. I still have some minor works to do (front seats), but weekend trips are new (status June 2021)

Update 3rd of August 2023:
Funny fact, 2 weeks ago I went to dordogne (250 km from my home) for a 2 days trip. On the second day, the car engine started to turn unevenly before stalling.

I had no real idea why it stopped, but I managed to remove the electronic ignition system I had installed a few weeks ago and replugged the standard one. All good! The only modern feature installed was the one that failed!

Date of first registration:March 1956
Imported: N/A
Owner since:25 May 2009

Eric - France

Eric - France

Eric - France

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