James – Australia

My father bought this Peugeot in the early 70’s.

He originally had another Peugeot 203, but the alloy guide for the starting crank aka the ‘Starting Dog’ had fallen off in the middle of a drive to East Maitland, approximately an hour and a half North of Sydney. He found a local mechanic and asked him if he had one or knew anyone who had one. The mechanic called up a friend and he came down and met with my Dad. He told him my Dad that his father had one, about 20 minutes drive from the mechanic.

When they reached his fathers house, my Dad saw the car, and described it as mickey mouse condition with original blueish/grey paint. He asked the guy how much he wanted for the starting dog. The guy stroked his chin and said ‘you can have the starting dog for 20 quid ………. or ……… take the car for 50’. He didn’t hesitate, and, went back to Sydney with a new 203 and came back later for his original.

Unfortunately, it blew it’s engine somewhere down the track and had been sitting idle for 40 years, before a friend of mine convinced me to get it going. Had a bit of a think and bit by bit had it to what it is now.

Other details:
403 Engine, fully restored and new electricals. Rust removal of floor pans and complete reconstruction of left wheel arch. New interior. Respray of dash. Reconditioned starter motor, fuel pump, and radiator. Volvo series 1 alternator used to replace generator. Peugeot 504 distributor used. Cleaned Solex PBIC Carburettor and used rebuild kit. Used clear coat to seal paint and rust areas.

Date of first registration:May 1955
Imported: Unknown
Owner since:Early 70’s

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