Farewell old website – Welcome new one

As you might have noticed the website has been offline for a while. I did not notice this in the beginning because my admin view & editing environment was still working and could still publish content although it would not show.

After reaching out to my service provider it turned out that the template I bought at the time is no longer compatible with the upgraded PHP version 8.1 the server runs on and needed an update. Unfortunately the company I bought the template from does not longer exists and the company that took over the rights indicated to me they do not support this template anymore and wanted me to buy a newer subscribed version of it.

This made me really sad, since it took me literally weeks to program it to the attended purpose of my Peugeot 203 library, where you could search on carrosserie (body) number or type, serial number and the custom made fields where owners could share add-ons which made their car unique.

So the choice was simple, I had to make a new website, but I soon noticed that just choosing a new and free template will not do the trick. Since the old content was not made as a page or post but via a database embedded in the no longer accessible template, the data became inaccessible. Hope this makes sense to you all.

Fortunately my server provider was more willing to help out and made a server environment for me, which temporarily rolled back the PHP version to the previous working (outdated) version so that the content of the database could be retrieved.

So with renewed energy I made a new website the last two weeks which will go live 1st of August 2023. Upcoming weeks I will make all the entries you made with the beautiful stories and photos of your Peugeot 203’s available again for all.

As you might have noticed the website also contains new content, since I will start to use it as a personal blog for my own two Peugeot’s as well. So hope you all enjoy the history, maintenance, repair and travel post I will be making myself the upcoming weeks, months and hopefully years.

Any thought on technical content to post is more then welcome


Farewell old look and feel:

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