Reiner – Germany

Car was first registered in Departement 87 Haute Vienne close to Limoges, farmer used it to get his product to the local market once a week – thus the low kilometers. Parked in barn in 1989 (at 37000km owner too old to drive) and in 1999 the son of the owner sells it to Dirk Ramackers (of the magazine Oldtimer Markt), he has it restored (partially) and painted in the Czech republic.

He drove it from 2000 to 2005 and sells it to me/us with 56000km. We are the third owner since then.
We also use it for longer trips, Lac de Madine at least five times, family holiday (with two kids) in Vosges etc.

It has it’s original engine and transmission, never opened, currently 104000 km (roadbook proves “mileage”)

Date of first registration:27-07-1956
Imported: 2005
Owner since:2005

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