Mike – USA

The story I was told is that an American antique dealer lived in Paris for a time. A neighbor, presumably M. Cofffier, died and the family didn’t want the car. The dealer was shipping a container back to the states and had extra space, so he bought the car and shipped it to Atlanta.

I don’t know when that was, but he sold the car to another guy and I bought the car from him in 2002. I got the idea from him that it was two to three years before 2002. It was pretty good for a nearly 50 year old car, other than the clutch. It had a little rust, so I completely restored it over the next 3-4 years. Now I drive it in nice weather. It shows 82K kms, but I have no idea if that is right.

Dash plaque reads: E. Coiffier 12 Rue de El Zola Pre’ St Gervais

Date of first registration:1954
Imported: Unknown
Owner since:2002

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