Bert – Netherlands

The car was found in December 2017, via an advertisement on E-Bay Germany. It was a reasonable-looking 203.

After contact by telephone, the owner said that the car had now been disassembled and was in their shed. After seeing the car in Rammingen, near the Swiss border, bought it and took it to the Netherlands.

It was a French car, with Carte Gris and German import papers. Several owners have started the project but no one has finished it.

To us, my wife and I, the honor of doing this and we succeeded. now the car is driving, has been completely restored and upholstered.

It is a 203A, a so-called intermediate model, the technique of an A, but already a tank filling opening with a lid, a speedometer on the left and a large rear window.

Date of first registration:28-09-1953
Imported: 18-12-2018
Owner since:18-12-2018

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