Dirk – Netherlands

The car has been in the Netherlands since 1976 and after the partial restoration and engine overhaul ended up in a dry shed due to the death of the owner at the time.

In 2012 we bought the car and made it completely ready to hit the road again. The interior has been completely renewed, the dashboard has been blasted and painted. Just like the rims, which were of course also fitted with new tires. After that, the 203 was driven a lot. We have even crossed France twice with it. The many thumbs up are still on our retinas.

The 203 has never let us down and has more than proven its reliability. The car starts flawlessly due to the 123 electronic ignition. The authentic OLD Imperial completes the era. With this Peugeot 203 you can drive without any problems with the current traffic on the highway, of course mainly on the right lane.

The paint is beautiful, but of course has signs of wear.

Date of first registration:30 June 1959
Imported: 31 October 1977
Owner since:30 April 2012

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