Peter – Netherlands

The 203 commercial was picked-up at the French border in April 2022. It had some rust on the top of the doors, not at the bottom, otherwise rust free. The paint is very thick and sloppily brushed on, probably the craftsmanship of a French farmer.

I first removed the paint and sprayed the cabin again, because the paint was really sloppy. The interior was recently renovated.

First had it mechanically addressed (2nd and 4th gear are very difficult to choose). Then have the fenders blasted, hot-dip galvanized and powder coated.

The bumpers went to Hungary to provide them with new chrome as it should be (copper-nickel plating and chrome plating). The chrome farmers in the Netherlands who still work with a copper layer are becoming very rare and far too expensive due to all kinds of permits and regulations. The copper layer ensures good adhesion of the top layers, without copper it will rust and flake off after a few years.

Then windows and crumbly rubbers were removed, as well as door handles.

More details will follow ….

Date of first registration:15 September 1955
Imported: 18 July 2022
Owner since:01 April 2022

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