James – USA

This 203 was acquired from the collection of the late Robert Countess he purchased it in 1984. It ran when parked and stored in 2002. We have documents as far back as to when the car was brought to port in NY from the Netherlands.

Also we have boxes of parts included with this 203 including, Owners manual, the original phillips vacuum tube radio, new wiring harness purchased when he went to Israel, air cleaner, front nose 203 badge and many other parts.

Car features factory metal sunroof, inside controlled radio antenna, Electro – mechanical pop out turn signals (Semaphore). For its age the body is solid and in great shape very little rust found and its mostly light surface rust. The paint looks very good from 2 car lengths away but up close you can see its defiantly time for a paint job.

Upon inspection of the motor it appeared to have been prepped for storage the oil was clean and the carb was covered, battery disconnected, Lower radiator hose was removed as well.
I was able to turn the motor over with a wrench easily so we installed a battery and added some some fuel to the carb and had it running in under a minute. The engine runs smooth and sounded really good.

But since this car has been parked and will need to go through everything to make it reliable. Transmission shifts through all gears. The breaks will need to be completely revised as well as they are very week.

The interior is complete and needs a full overhaul as it is very dated. The head liner is falling down and there is rips and tears here and there through out the interior .

Date of first registration:1954
Imported: 1984
Owner since:2016

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