The identification plate is riveted under the bonnet at the top of the right part of the front aprons.

It includes, from top to bottom:

  • The company name
  • The Parisian address of the manufacturer at that time
  • The type (203)
  • The serial number
  • The weight
  • The lubrication details.

The serial number identifies the vehicle and this number is often also stamped on the body next to the identification plate.  

This is done in order to avoid changes to the manufacturer’s plate or any more or less illegal operations on the identity and body of the vehicle.

The serie number is also stamped on the engine block, in front of the gasoline pump. So it is possible to check if the engine is the original one or if it has been changed subsequently.

The body number is engraved in a second plate and is independent of the serial number and type

The bodywork number allowed the manufacturer and mechanics to define the exact model of the hull available to your vehicle.

We already see examples in the register were body number and serie number do not match (E.g a Berline serienumber on a cabrio carosserrie). This makes perfect sense because during his life, the 203 may have  been repaired with several types of different bodywork.

The type of the carrosserie (in this example N3P) is below the bodywork number. An overview of all types can be found in the carrosserie page.

To make your entry as complete as possible, receiving the serienumber, carrosserie number and type (e.g. N3P) would be ideal. If you do not want to share the serie number, then perhaps sharing it without the last number so 189458x instead of 1894585. This would help in creating an overview of serienumber per month as well.

Overview of the serie numbers

Year Serie number
1949 1.100.001 – 1.113.843
1950 1.113.844 – 1.158.883
1951 1.158.884 – 1.212.161
1952 1.212.162 – 1.272.000
1953 1.272.001 – 1.334.380
1954 1.334.381 – 1.387.703
1.700.001 – 1.706.500
1955 1.706.501 – 1.778.000
1956 1.778.001 – 1.821.730
1957 1.821.731 – 1.854.808
1958 1.854.809 – 1.879.254
1959 1.879.255 – 1.901.074
1960 1.901.075 – 1.908.056