Entry#00041 – Venezuela

  • 10/1952
  • Berline (Sedan)
  • Grey

This 203 was added 04 June 2022.
Last 2 numbers of serial number not provided: 12692xx

  • Location: Venezuela
  • Carrosserie number, symbol: N3V
  • Owner since: 2020
  • Status: 5 - Restorable

Attached is an image of this Peugeot 203A, which I do not have much information. It is for restoration, it has its original engine and transmission

Additional information received in English:
It must have been imported and arrived by ship, it belonged to my grandfather. At the time he was the mechanic of the town, he repaired and manufactured almost anything, at the time there were only two 203’s in the country. I would like to start a recovery of it, the engine it needs to be renewed. It still has the license plate it used in France at the time of importing it.

Original Language – Spanish
Adjunto imagen de este Peugeot 203A, el cual no poseo mucha información para su restauración , tiene su motor y transmisión original


  • Sunroof

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