Entry#00042 – Australia

  • 01/1953
  • Fourgonnette tôlée
  • Yellow

This 203 was added 04 June 2022.
Build month unknown so set on January

  • Location: Australia, NSW
  • Carrosserie number, symbol: 4661, K3
  • Owner since: 1981
  • Status: 3 - Good

l picked up the van in 1981 from my brother, l swapped a motor bike for the van.

My brother picked up the van in 1974. The van has been in the family for about 48 years.
l drove the van for about 10 year then put in a shed for about 20 years.

In the last few years l have been working on the van so l can put the van back on the road.
The van came from Ballarat Vic. & it was used as a plumbers van. My first car was a 1955 203 wagon…

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