Entry#00031 – France

  • 01/1954
  • Berline (Sedan)
  • Black

This car was added 12 April 2021.
Month of first registration unknown, estimate based on other entries.

  • Location: France
  • Status: 3 - Good

Our Peugeot 203 sedan was delivered by the Peugeot dealership in Nice on June 16, 1954.

Arriving in a family of garage owners from father to son, our 203 has been perfectly maintained as shown by its maintenance book. With only 87,000 from new, this saloon has a superb patina, it has also kept its tourist stickers, a nod to family holidays across the Alps. The bodywork is very healthy and its black paint still has a beautiful sheen.

The interior, very bright thanks to its sunroof, is really well preserved, only the upholstery has received a complete makeover, made by a saddler few years ago.

Unusually, our 203 comes with an extremely complete history file including its original registration document, the order form, the purchase invoice as well as a multitude of period documents reviewing its rich history. Behind the wheel, we discovered a car that is smooth and very pleasant to drive, the gearbox is easy and the handling is surprising. We were really seduced by this car with a nice history preserved for 66 years in the same family.

Always maintained but never restored, cars in this condition are extremely rare.


  • Robri Elements
  • White Wall Tyres

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