Entry#00035 – Australia

  • 01/1951
  • Berline (Sedan)
  • Mamarra Teal

This car was added 18 July 2021.
Month of first registration unknown, put it on January. Mileage is in miles.

I am the 9th owner purchasing it about 12 months ago.

It was advertised in a car sales website and as it was not far from me, curiosity got the better of me and because I owned a 203 in the 1960’s, I decided to buy it.
The body is in very good condition and in the time I have owned the 203, I concentrated on servicing and attending to mechanical repairs as required.

The car still has the original supplied 16 inch wheels and rare original hubcaps.


  • Tachometer
  • Water Temperature


  • Brown dashboard
  • Matching door trim / seats with beige head lining

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